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Bijou Indochine [Bee-Zhoo In-Doe-Sheen]

Gemstone Jewelry | Vintage Asian Jackets & Robes | Asian Inspired Gifts

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F E A T U R E D  I T E M

My Story

Bijou Indochine [Bee-Zhoo In-Doe-Sheen]

Bijou Indochine was created when I wanted to make jewelry that represented my Buddhist background and my love for authentic gemstones for myself. My pieces were being picked up for shows and sold well at pop ups and markets. When I started my jewelry journey back in 2016, I never thought that my "passion project" would turn into a career that helped me survive the pandemic as a single Mom.


I started out making my jewelry in a tiny room at home and eventually worked out of a small studio in my converted garage. I continued to sell my jewelry at pop ups, retail partners and shows until my friends and I opened up a Pop Up Shop on my dream retail street in Santa Monica. We each had our own brands represented in a 250 sqf storefront in 2022 and it was incredible supporting and encouraging each other. What I thought would be a 3 month pop up residency turned into a year long run. I now have a permanent store location and I can't even begin to express how grateful I am to do something that I love so much, surrounded by such a supportive community on Montana Ave.

- Natalie

O U R  S H O P



(Parking in the Back)

(424) 402-2300

Tuesday - Sunday

10am - 5pm

Closed Mondays


There are many unique jewelry pieces at our shop that are not available on our site due to it's limited quantity. We also have a great selection of one of a kind, vintage Asian jackets and kimonos and accessories from different parts of the world. Shop virtually with us by emailing or messaging us and we can send you images of what we have.

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