O U R  S T O R Y

Bijou Indochine [Bee-Zhoo In-Doe-Sheen] Jewelry was created by Natalie Vo to combine her unique design sensibility with the power of authentic gemstones.  Natalie curates her line using only the finest stones to make jewelry  that will help empower women and allow them to tap into their own natural instincts.

Inspired by her Vietnamese, Buddhist traditions, Natalie’s pieces embody a Zen simplicity with the elegance of the Parisian design tradition often seen in Vietnam (formerly known as “Indochina”), along with the edginess and western influence of her current home,  in Los Angeles.   

“Natural gemstones contain their own potent and positive energy that can be felt by those who take the time to feel it.  I began my jewelry line because I felt intuitively that I needed this power close to my skin, and I felt inspired to wear pieces that fit my personality and unique background.  I’m blessed to be surrounded by positive, forward-thinking women who have encouraged me to take the leap into building my own brand, and I love making new connections and expanding my circle of friends through this art.”

“Bijou Indochine Jewelry pieces are all handcrafted in Los Angeles with most materials locally sourced.  Many of my Asian-inspired pieces are sourced from artisans working in Nepal, Tibet and Indonesia. As with all natural gemstones, each piece will be unique and slightly different in color and size.
I absolutely love working with nature's perfect imperfection and hope that you will enjoy the pieces that I've made for you.”


With gratitude,