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  • Mixed Agate brass chain
  • Chain length: 32"
  • Silver metal-trimmed Labradorite Sitting Buddha 
  • Buddha pendant was made by artisans in Nepal


Agate is "The Stone of Truthfulness" with love and courage as its source. Agate facilitates power with force. Its Ying/Yang effect helps to ease in speaking one's truth and enhances self awareness, spiritual growth and intellectual balance. It is also a very protective stone.


Labradorite is "The Stone of the Temple of the Stars." It is known to carry positive galactic energies to our earth. This stone deflects unwanted energy and forms a barrier to negativity. Spiritually, it strengthens faith and trust in yourself.


Sitting Buddha is also known as "Calling the Earth to Witness the Truth" Mudra (hand gesture) and it represents the moment Buddha is attaining enlightenment.

Labradorite Sitting Buddha Necklace

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